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For the last year or two I've been working on a book for people who want to make delicious bread at home.

It turns out that the bread baking schedule works well on days that you work from home. A few minutes of attention every hour or so and then an amazing result.

Although the entire book has been written I've been going back and re-baking everything and revising how the book is organized.

Chapter 1 is mainly introductory but we also get our sourdough starter going.

This first release hardly has any bread at all as Chapter 2 focuses on doughs and batters without yeast. We make pancakes, crepes, muffins, scones, Irish Soda Bread, tortillas, chapatis, crackers and even butter and caramel sauce if you like.

The book is organized around skills and techniques that will give you context. Hopefully you'll see patterns in what we make and realize that we get from a pancake to a crepe by adding more liquid and from a pancake to a muffin by adding less liquid.

The skills in the second chapter are measuring (by weight) and combining ingredients (using baker's math) and mixing them together without developing the strength we'll need later when we have longer rise times and use yeast.

Oh and stories - cooking is a very personal activity for me so there are lots of stories in this book. I do hope you like it. Talking about stories - here's a quick one. I quietly released the book on Tuesday which was the 30th anniversary of my first date with Kimmy. There's nothing I loved more than baking for her.

The price for this first beta is $15 and it's available on Gumroad right now. I know that sounds like a lot for a book on making pancakes - but you will get all updates and soon have the entire book for this price.

The next release includes focaccia, pizza, and pita.

I hope you like it.