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New SwiftUI Posts

As I update the material for A SwiftUI Kickstart, I'll be posting pieces to the blog on changes to SwiftUI.

Training and Appearances

We're about to start up SwiftUI and Combine training at Try Swift World and elsewhere. You can find all the dates on the front page of Dim Sum Thinking.

Featured Book

Functional Programming Kickstart

A Functional Programming Kickstart

Check out our new friendly and practical book highlighting the built in support for functional programming in the Swift Standard Library and showing you how to adopt FP in a way that makes sense to you.

Code along with us as we emphasize the important habits and techniques that originate in functional programming but benefit all styles.

Featured Video

Link to free  WWDC talk

Take a Breath

Each year WWDC presents us with a ton of possibilities and opportunities. But with these new technologies comes a lot of pressure to embrace and adopt everything quickly. After all - everyone else is. This talk suggests that first you breathe.

Originally presented for the try Swift World Social Hour in June, 2020.