A Swift Kickstart (Second Edition)

Introducing the Swift Programming Language

Swift Kickstart

This is the updated version of the Second Edition of the best selling book packed with new material that gets you up and going quickly writing code in the Swift Programming Language.

Swift is Apple's language for writing robust and performant iOS and OS X apps. Swift is an open source language that continues to evolve.

If you're an experienced developer who knows at least one modern programming language, this book will teach you how to think and program in Swift.

Updated for Swift 5.2 and Xcode 11.


Working with Swift

Chapter 1: Let's Get Started

Chapter 2: Functions

Chapter 3: Variables and Constants

Chapter 4: Collections

Fundamental Types

Chapter 5: Enumerations

Chapter 6: Structs

Chapter 7: Classes

Chapter 8: Protocols

Digging Deeper

Chapter 9: Flexible Functions

Chapter 10: Higher-Order Functions

Chapter 11: Sequences

Chapter 12: Errors


Training from Dim Sum Thinking


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