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I've got two quick announcements.

First - with the holidays coming on you may be feeling the urge to bake bread. I've discounted my Bread Baking book to $15 as part of my Black Friday and Beyond sale.

It makes a great gift and look for some free updates to the book in the new year.

Find it on Gumroad:

Second - I've begun work on my book on Modern Concurrency in Swift called "The Curious Case of the Async Cafe".

This is also available on Gumroad:

Note that if you buy this book for the introductory price of $20, you won't get anything right now. That's kind of the way async works - but you will be getting the beta of the first two chapters in the next two weeks.

As always, I appreciate you telling friends about books you've liked and generally spreading the word.

(Reviewers - I'll be contacting you soon with those first two chapters)