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I released the updated version of "A Swift Kickstart" yesterday on what would have been Kim's 60th birthday.

I've been updating the book every time Swift has revved since the book was first released. Often I just do some minor changes but every once in a while I do a complete pass of the book and look at every paragraph as I type in every bit of code.

This was one of those times.

In addition, I updated the CSS so the book would show the code highlights in light or night mode. Until this release all text rendered as white on a black background in night mode. This is Apple's official Books policy - until they block the hack that I found online, I will be able to render books with the same information in either mode.

I thought of eliminating the Errors chapter but decided that it was a nice way to emphasize the enum and structs content while introducing some new and helpful ideas. I added a section on the Result type and moved the chapter to a little earlier in the book.

I added some comics to the text as well. I don't know if they help my readers, but they often help me understand a topic better. If you're struggling to understand something, draw a diagram or create a comic. I've found it helps.

The book is updated on Gumroad and is free if you bought the second edition of A Swift Kickstart there. Either way, please tell a friend.

In addition, I updated the release on the Apple Books page so people who had bought it there would get the update for free.

Finally, the book is returning to the Pragmatic Programmers site so people who bought it there will also get the update for free.

I'm happy that the Prags will be distributing my books. They tend to also offer Mobi and PDFs and they were so nice to me that I am using Calibre to produce those formats for them and also offering those formats on Gumroad.

I hope you enjoy this release. I'll be updating the other books soon and there are new ones on the way.