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The next book on my list to update is the SwiftUI Kickstart. The goal is for this to be available in October.

I wanted to wait for the Xcode 12 GM (which I'm hoping is close) and also this is going to be a major rewrite.

Here are some of the issues...

First, the book began with an example of a UIKit app. My audience was people coming from UIKit needing to understand the differences. I'm thinking of moving this material to a free download outside of the book. But that leaves me with the issue of where to start. I've been playing with some ideas and we'll see where they take me.

Second, much of what we (and by "we" I mean "I") understand about SwiftUI has grown and changed since I wrote the first draft. Although layout etc is important, I think it's key to understand how data is passed. That was central to the book but will need to be expanded and deepened.

Third, I want to say a little more about view modifiers and layout.

Fourth, we now have grids and also lists have gained some new tricks. I need to add some content there. I'm not sure if that means having to change the central examples.

Fifth, the app and scenes have changed. I need to say a bit about them as well.

Finally, I want to call out some architectural aspects more explicitly.

So this is a big undertaking over the next few weeks.

Oh, and the update will be free to folks who own it already.

Oh, and I will also offer it on the Apple Books store and from the Prags.