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Today is the official release day for the update to A SwiftUI Kickstart.

I say "update" because that was my intention. I was going to do a light pass and update everything for the latest releases of SwiftUI, iOS, and Xcode.

I've been revising the CSS for my books for a cleaner look so I was going to apply those changes as well.


This is a major rewrite.

First, I wanted to introduce the new elements in SwiftUI so I added material on Labels, Grids, Lazy Stacks, Expanding Lists, Disclosure Groups, and StateObjects.

Also, honestly, I understand SwiftUI much better so I wanted to share that understanding with you. After using it for a year I have a much better handle on data flow and the many options and I have preferences.

I've dropped the UIKit motivation in the first chapter but preserved the material in a free download if you still want to start there.

The existing examples in chapter 2 and 6 are streamlined and in chapters 3, 4, and 5 are new and allow me to introduce other concepts.

In addition, the book now supports night mode if you read the ePub on Apple Books and I've released pdf and mobi versions - though I still recommend you read the ePub version if you can. I think the best experience is in the ePub version on an iPad in landscape with scrolling turned on. (That sounded very "Colonel Mustard in the library with a lead pipe".)

If you own the book already this is a free update. If you don't own it yet, you can buy it on Gumroad.

Also, as of today, I'm happy to be releasing this book through The Pragmatic Programmers.

Finally, for completeness, I also have released the book on Apple Books.