Functional Programming Updated

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I've finished updating my Functional Programming book, A Functional Programming Kickstart, and tested the code on Apple Silicon!

The main changes are that I've added pdf and mobi versions of the book. I still think the book is best experienced as an ePub on an iPad in landscape mode with scrolling turned on.

Oh that reminds me - I now support reading in dark mode in Apple Books as well.

The hardest parts of the book were the Reader and State monads - I've moved them to their own chapter as they are "non-container" types and probably need to be thought of differently. I've added some motivating material. Let me know if you think I need to say more or different things about these two. I have to say that in teaching this material I have a new appreciation for Reader and I'm seeing State everywhere!

If you own this book already, this update is free. Log into your Gumroad account and update. If you don't own it - I think you'll enjoy it. I had a blast writing it and it really set the stage for me understanding operators in Combine.

As always, I ask that you tell a friend about the book.

The book will soon also be available from Apple Books and the Pragmatic Programmers.