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So many things went right with my transition to the M1 Mac - but I couldn't seem to get Jekyll working.

Yesterday my friend Brian walked me through steps that were beyond me to get everything updated and working so here's a quick look at my plans for books etc in the coming months.

I've sent the first four chapters of "A Combine Kickstart" to my tech reviewers. Once I've gone through their comments this weekend I will make it available as a beta book early next week.

I continue to offer training on Swift, Combine, SwiftUI, and Functional Programming with quite a few private trainings set up for the first few months in 2021.

The long-promised bread book is in progress. I've baked and re-baked all of the recipes in it and think I have a path through the first chapter that I like.

I think I've promised that this will be the year I produce videos as long as we've heard that this is the year of Linux on the Desktop.

I did spend 2020 producing videos for conferences to get my process down. I have a new idea thanks to Chris and Duncan and will experiment with that in the next month.

These are my plans, but if 2020 taught us anything - things change.

Happy New Year.