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"A Combine Kickstart" is now complete. It's a great way to learn about this important framework from Apple.

The book begins with a UIKit example and transitions to a SwiftUI example to make the point that you can successfully use Combine with either.

I set out to write a short book introducing the framework and (as usual) it got out of hand. You'll learn about the four pillars of Combine: Publishers, Subscribers, Subscriptions, and Operators and then learn to use them in a wide variety of settings. You'll finish the book with a ton of ideas of how to apply the techniques to your own code.

I know I said this about SwiftUI and Functional Programming in Swift, but once again, using Combine will change the way you write code. I think the three worlds work great together, but you can certainly learn any of them in isolation.

If you bought the Combine book in beta, this update is free. Also, I expect that we'll see some additions to Combine this year. A free update to the book will include these changes.

Check out the TOC on the book page and buy it from Gumroad.